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New roll-out

02/02/2018 | 8:33 am
As part of my preperations to get Huskeh Tech up and running, this web site has been updated to a new design.

Content is still being added and new features will be added soon.

Please stand by

Latest Projects

Bluetooth Remote Controlled Car

Author: Jason Dignan
This was the project I have been waiting for all semester. I had no idea that I was going to be able to accomplish as much as I have in such a short time. What I did know is that it was possible, and I have found that to be one of the greatest drives towards any of my creations. When I started this semester, I was extremely ambitious, and had no idea. As I learned more, I became aware of the things that I did not know, and learned that what I wanted to really do, was not ...
3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Papercraft, Web Programing, Physical Computing

Tangos with Wolves

Author: Jason Dignan
A photo manipulation to create something new from a collection of assets. A total of 9 elements were combined.
Digital Drawing

Pixel Art

Author: Jason Dignan
An Assignment for NMD 104. Using Photoshop to produce pixel based art. I decided to create a decaying space shuttle.
Digital Drawing